Pipe and profile bender

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ERCOLINA’s CE 100H3-RLI Angle Roll – Section Bender has a heavy duty structure with rigid components for curving large parts.

Designed for bending profiles and tubes using three rollers, one equipped with a special rectifier for internal/external angular wing curves.

Key features:

Roll Shaft Diameter 100 mm
Diameter of standard rollers 310 mm
Shaft Speed 6 rpm
Useful length of standard rollers 200 mm
Upper roller motor (230 V and 400 V) 1.8 KW
Lower roller motor (230 V and 400 V) 2 x 1.5 KW
Central hydraulic motor (.Δ..230 V and 400 V) 2.2 KW
Piston strength 36 Ton
Maximum travel for push roller 200 mm
No. drag rollers: 3/smooth
Machine working plane: Horiz. – Vertical
Central roller adjustment: Hyd.
Base cabinet: Yes
Three-dimensional lateral rollers: Yes
Electric Pedal Bt: Yes
C40 steel machine body
Noise Index < 70 dB