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Our goal is to make it easier for companies and individuals to develop their ideas and projects, whatever their size or their field of application.

Our technical department has 6 design areas, each equipped with a powerful workstation with two monitors.

We have several CAD/CAM programs, both for graphic design and as auxiliaries to our manufacturing processes, optimizing production times.


Visi Machining– Software specialized in the modelling, design and machining of both surfaces and 2D and 3D solids.

With the latest machining technologies with cutting-edge tool trajectory and on-board machining pre simulation.

With the help of this CAD/CAM software, Talleres Mecánicos Galicia can deal with most of the challenges that the surface, mould and die casting industries can present.

Main features.

2D/3D Parts Modelling in both solid and surface

VISI analysis – validation of solid geometry for machining.

Visi Machining 3D – intelligent calculation and tool path preview system.

Wi-Fi connection with the machines

Imports all kinds of 2D/3D formats

Library of tools adapted to our company.

Solid Edge (SIEMENS) – Parametrized CAD program for 3D pieces. Allows modelling of pieces in different materials, sheet bending, joint assembly, welding, plans…

Expert (LANTEK) – CAD/CAM nesting software for automating the programming of CNC machines for sheet metal. It has nested algorithms and machining strategies, to complement our Tecoi TEKNOS 4000 cutting machine.