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With almost 6 decades experience in the shipbuilding industry, we have always developed watertight doors for all types of vessels, but in the last 12 years, they have become our speciality.

 We have designed and developed close to a thousand doors for strategic projection ships (SPS) and the Australian navy frigates (ALHD), which they have had to pass several tests for their acceptance (collision tests, water-tightness tests, usage wear tests with over 1,300,000 opening repetitions…), all of which were passed successfully, thus complying to all the standards required by the client.

 The variety of doors developed is almost innumerable, since we can adapt to any bulkhead measurements and with almost any requirement that the client may have. Below are some features that can be applied to these doors:

 WATER-TIGHTNESS– Essential to avoid the sinking of the vessel in the event of an accident

FAST OPERATION– with the single movement of one lever or wheel up to 14 closing points can be operated.

TYPE OF OPENING– Operated manually, hydraulically, electro-hydraulically and electro-mechanically

FIRE ISOLATION– As the name indicates, they have a fire retardant coating to ensure that the fire does not spread between compartments

BALLISTIC PROTECTION– with varying degrees of protection, a fundamental requirement for some compartments in war ships.

ANTI RADAR– minimizing the edges to prevent the detection of the vessel by a radar system.

HINGE OFFSET– a system that helps to reduce the weight of the door for easier manual opening.

As well as doors, we have also supplied hatches, observation ports, torpedo compartments…