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At TMG we have a wide variety of processes, procedures and accessories for jobs that require welding.

We have over 20 own welding procedures.

We have a wide range of processes thanks to the technology of our MIG, MAG, TIG DC, TIG AC, MMA, SAW, point and point by point welding means of production.

In terms of materials, we are approved and we can weld steel, stainless steel and aluminium with our own WPS.

High capacity:

High capacity MIG_MAG equipment with pulsed and double pulse arc welding, we also have MIG automata for welding piping in our turners.

We can perform high production welding thanks to our 7 axle MIG and part turner, and our submerged arc vertical column, which, along with our positioners and turners, makes us highly productive in this process.

We have an international welding engineer (IWE).