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The powerful automotive market in our country made us search for new objectives within this sector. Projects for diverse army vehicles, city buses, car bodies, tooling, moulds… These are just a small sample of the multitude of projects we have carried out for the automotive industry.

Our main client is UROVESA – (URO Vehiculos Especiales, S.A.), a company based in Santiago for which, among many other articles, we manufacture:

HATCHES –Fully manufactured at our facilities, complemented by a machine gun pintle mount.

SEMI BRIDGES –Welded assemblies, integrated in the steering and suspension systems of the vehicle.

TIE RODS – Machining and forming parts, made of alloy steel, they are a fundamental part of the turning system.

BUSHINGS AND SPACERS – Our lathes, equipped with bar launchers, produce thousands and thousands of bushings and spacers.

In addition to the work for UROVESA, we also collaborate with other companies in the automotive industry, such as Vectia, Dovaltac, Castrosua…