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The industry sector was one of our greatest bastions, to the point that one section of our facilities worked 24 hours a day on this type of work. Although to a lesser extent, we currently still develop parts and structures for industry.

We provide equipment, pipe lines in both carbon steel and stainless steel, parts… for any type of industry (energy, gas, food…)

Some of the most noteworthy jobs are:

PORT OF FERROL COAL CRANE– Developed for the company IMENOSA  (Industrias Mecánicas del Noroeste, S.A.) and end client ENDESA, the engineering company in charge of the work was German PWH, currently belonging to PHB Weserhütte.

GANTRY CRANES– developed mostly for IMENOSA, we supplied all accesses, railings, stairs… All with hot dip galvanised finish, for greater corrosion resistance. These cranes were distributed worldwide, with GOLIATH cranes being the biggest and most important, built for Finnish company KONECRANES.

Today, the multinational General Electric is our main client in the industrial sector.