Renewable energies

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Renewable energy, also known as clean energy, is obtained from natural and inexhaustible sources. Talleres Mecánicos Galicia has always actively collaborated in this sector, designing and developing parts for both land and offshore energy projects.

We have developed a multitude of components for wind towers, from machining parts (counterweights, shoes…) to metal fabrication structures used as supports or defences.

As for civil engineering, we produce stands for photovoltaic panels, both for family homes and large buildings.

Currently offshore wind power is the sector that occupies the greater part of our work, producing a large amount of secondary structure components, such as the doors, access hatches, communication lines…

One project worth noting is the development of the prototype for a wave energy buoy for the first experimental park of this type of energy in our community. Developed alongside GM Renovables, the work was carried out in its entirety at our workshops.

This buoy has a generation capacity of 1MW with waves of between 1 and 3 meters, which would obtain sufficient energy to supply around 1200 households for a year.